During the renovation or new construction process It never fails the client will say after we have spent time selecting cabinets, paint color, lighting or whatever it may be once it arrives and installed they question their choice. The lesson here is don’t be scared! Trust your designer to see the big picture. Let all the pieces come together before deciding it doesn’t look good! For example in this kitchen the cabinets arrived and no one including me liked them the finish was somewhat different than the sample but we moved forward adding granite, paint, lighting,stucco range hood and wood beams. Once all the pieces were installed we all liked the cabinets much better. Those cabinets would not be my first choice again but I think it all turned out fabulous and the client loved it which is what mattered most of all! So next time one piece of the puzzle arrives and it looks ugly wait until its completed before you decide to start over because anything can go from ugly to beautiful with a little tweaking! Enjoy your Thursday