This home is in Old Westmoreland it was a fabulous project from start to finish. It began  with hiring a great architect Daryl Johnson of Johnson Architecture and was  a small 3200 basement rancher. It became 6500 sq. feet after. Large but lives well and casually. I initially showed this home to my family they would not get out of the car as they just did not see what I knew this home could be! My sweet husband David said I am sure you have some vision but I am not having the same one.. great so it was redone and then sold to another family. But not before my darling non visual husband and children said wow we love that house can we buy it now? Why no my darlings we can’t afford it NOW! Anyway it was just a great example of what a little non descript rancher can become. We did not change the original footprint but raised the roof and went out the back.  Who Knew!

Happy Weekend