Will your design last or is it a trend? Will my child like this room when they are 5 or still at 16?
These are questions my clients ask when it comes time to select or redo a room. This bathroom and bedroom are an example of design that will last. We spent money on the marble honeycomb floor tile but this tile is classic and has been around forever, just as the venetino marble counter is a classic element. The decorative tile in the moroccan pattern with colored glass is used sparingly as it is very expensive we finished the shower and walls with subway tile another timeless tile and very inexpensive. When selecting grout dont be scared to use a colored grout we used a gorgeous silver grey grout so no stains can be found like you might find on white grout. The drop in kohler sink and chrome faucet look updated without being trendy the vanity was a custom design I did with seeded glass doors that will hide diaper creme now but makeup and fingernail polish later. The wall color is fun and the painted pink ceiling I never tire of no matter how old you are! The bedroom wall paint and artistic drawing is easily painted over should you tire of it or outgrow it. Top it off with a tongue and groove white painted ceiling and blinged out ceiling fan and you have a fabulous space for any girl no matter what her age.