If anyone knows me well they aren’t surprised when they hear I sold my house. I have sold 6 houses in ten years. I recently finished my 7th house new construction and an agent has brought me an offer. I have lived in this house for 4 months. David my saintly husband stood over the bed as I lay dreaming over my next project and said you are amazing but also said you are sick, you need help and please go back to therapy!! I am not sure if it is a gift or a curse but I admit I have already begun thinking of what I could do to several homes I have looked at. Hopefully my sweet saintly husband won’t leave me as I know there is no one else that can tolerate my house sickness.
There is a lesson in my blog today why do some homes sell and others do not? The price has a lot to do with it but also I think my houses have sold as they have a few unique features like built ins, painted doors, unique lighting things that most people are scared to do but once all done it seems to work. I have posted a few pictures of house number 11. See what you think
Happy Wednesday!