Lighting is such a huge part of why I love design. Lighting is a deal breaker for me and no it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some lighting is expensive no doubt but if you are on a budget one  that doesn’t allow designer lighting then  choose finishes like chrome with white shades . It’s classic and will look good, fresh and updated. Look for the unusual don’t pick what everyone else has or what feels safe. Choose a style that you love but don’t be afraid to do something unusual or oversized for the space to make a statement. One of my favorite inexpensive items I love to buy is a black fan from Lowes. NO LIGHT KIT Please!! . These great black fans are $50 bucks look amazing. They are 52″ so they also cool the space.  I Use them all of the time.. I use in kids rooms, family rooms, offices etc. Black always looks good like a little black dress in a size 2 ( I wish !)My sweet husband David aka designer when convenient.. wants me to put a light kit on all our ceiling fans. The answer is no unless it’s a crystal blinging one (see picture) for a guest room or girls room
Enjoy the pictures of all the fabulous lights we used in the Parade Home.
Happy Christmas week.