Merry Christmas to everyone that reads my blog. My oldest daughter Lauren says my blog could be better written but since I have ADHD I do the best I can as details are not one of my strengths. Lauren has pointed out that fragment and runon sentences are obviously one of my strengths!
One of my friends stopped by this week and stood in my doorway and commented that maybe next year I could get a bigger,larger real tree. I looked at my fake white tree which stands about 5 feet purchased from the dollar general and loaded with some (which I happen to think ) cute Pottery Barn decorations as well as some Martha Stewart decorations from our old K Mart and thought what’s wrong with a small tree. Granted I have always done a large real Frazier fir tree for the last 22 years of my married life but this year seemed different. The economy is tougher and large grand trees didn’t seem right for our family. Plus I have to put all the lights and the majority of decorations on the tree so small self contained and a 30 minute decorating time sounded fabulous to me! My girls didn’t seem to mind it nor did our dogs snowflake and rainbow. There were gifts under it and Christmas was just fine thank you very much without the big green thing. The things that are important to me are being able to go to mass with my family,out to dinner with my family after mass, spending quiet time with my sweet husband and three smart independent daughters and of course my two sometimes annoying dogs. This Christmas I say No to the big tree!
Love to all
Hope everyone is enjoying time with their families wherever you are big tree or small!