I have as many of you know built and or remodeled several of my own homes. I have also done consult work on new construction as well as managed small renovations as well. Selling real estate and doing design work I get asked so many times who do I recommend to build. That is sometimes a hard question to answer as my experiences have all been different. And more often than not my experience has not been good. Building is like a marriage it takes patience and work and respect and appreciation
In my experience I have had male builders and had female. I find that female builders pay more attention to details and they are easier to talk to. They have more patience and multi task better. I have also had the opportunity to have builders charge on a cost plus basis and also a flat fee basis. I prefer a flat fee. The reason being if you decide you want to buy a more expensive refrigerator why should the builder make more money because you wanted to upgrade your fridge. It is not more work for him or her so logically it does not make sense to pay more for your good taste. Another frustration on a cost plus job a builder will set allowances for specific allowances you have control over such as plumbing and appliances or lighting. If the allowance is not enough and you go over you guessed it the builder makes more money again that’s why I like a flat fee. 9 times out of ten I have gone over budget and you will too again increasing the builders profit when an allowance was not sufficient. Great care should be made in making sure you have adequate allowances for items such as pluming,lighting, flooring etc
So next time you ask someone for a referral for a builder make sure you ask how they charge look closely at your allowances and negotiate if something doesn’t look correct. Find someone you like and trust and someone who doesn’t get upset when you ask questions. Someone with patience to take care of you and still get the job done!
Happy Sunday