Since I have built,remodeled,sold and moved 10+ times people ask me how do you do it? Especially in one of the worst real estate markets in history how are you able to sell what you design no matter what?.
This is just one of the many questions I am asked? Most of the time people shake my husbands hand and say I am sorry how do you move all the time?.? What they are really saying is do you know your wife is crazy and really is she worth all the pain and stress of moving! My sweet husband just smiles that quiet smile and graciously says nothing. He has yet to throw me under the bus. He probably would like to say to all the other husbands count your blessings you aren’t married to my wife. I think about all my personal design projects and my building and renovating our own homes and am thankful David has let me be creative while dragging our family around in the process. Had he not allowed me to work on this design dream that is a huge part of who I am I would not have learned so much about design along the way.
So back to my theory of houses that are designed to sell why do some things sell and others don’t that is the million dollar question.
I have to say I know what is wrong when I see it and when it’s right I also know it. Some changes that need to be made on a house so it will sell can be small like lighting and paint. Other things like changing out counter tops can be larger and more expensive. Still others like gutting a master bath and starting over can be quite expensive and painful. When we do these things in hopes of selling its hard to hear that we may not get an even return on investment in other words just because you spent 5k dollars on a new front door doesn’t mean you can bump up your sales price by 5k dollars. It just means you look better than your competition, which means if you are priced well you may get an offer vs the other house that doesn’t have a new front door. In the following pictures you will see some subtle updates with countertops, lighting, and paint. Hopefully my design to sell theory continues and this house sells. The following pictures show the rooms updated and the next set show the original design.
Happy Wednesday