Some houses just won’t sell. Sellers ask why wont anyone buy my house?? If your home has been exposed to the market in all the right areas Internet, realtors MLS print Facebook etc then why haven’t you had an offer. Three things price,condition and location affect the sale of a home. You can control the first two. If homes have been selling in your price range then why didn’t someone pick you? Reminds me of when I was in high school and didn’t get asked out 1. I was unattractive! Is your house ugly do you need to update your paint, carpet lighting or door hardware? Look closely at your home as a buyer would find all the negatives and fix it! Make yourself the most attractive house you can be in this market because beauty matters. Make sure you are priced right it doesn’t matter anymore what you paid for it or what you did to update it buyers are like old boyfriends they just don’t care about you and how much you spent. Don’t expect buyers to pay for your updates but hopefully those updates will make you look better than everyone else and you will get an offer. Don’t forget your first offer is your best offer so hold tight if you get one and make it work!