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Somehow I deleted my last blog about the DH project but here it is again
This project has been a great before and after starting with the exterior and then the interior
I love painted brick houses with gas lanterns. I am not sure why but I do feel the need to paint the brick on every house I meet. It would be accurate to say I never met a brick I wouldn’t paint!
My latest client said fine but “I don’t want the White House!” I said fine lets get some color samples and try a few to decide our color. The voices in my head said this house will be white. Problem was my clients didn’t hear the same voices I heard … Happens all the time. we sampled various colors then they said we think white looks best. What a relief they listened to me and the house is looking amazing still to come .. New front porch, new front door, gas lanterns and some shutters
Happy Saturday

I Don’t Want The White House.