Razzle Dazzle

More of the DH Project:
Princess of the DH project loves pink needless to say she is a girl and wants a hot pink room everywhere on all the walls. Initially I try to convince the princess to pick a light pink its a no go. I have to say I like allowing kids to have a say when it comes to their rooms but one must remember they are children and shouldn’t always get their way! A compromise was reached hot pink in a high gloss finish was to be painted on the ceiling. I selected Benjamin Moore Razzle dazzle and the painters painted just the ceiling. Painting something high gloss like a wall or ceiling requires patience and a good painter. You must sand the ceiling, prime it and then paint the high gloss color sand and paint and sand and paint. The end product should be a glass like finish. The Light fixture was a chandelier that was a family heirloom. It hung in the dining room In their last home this time it is part of the Razzle dazzle room. It makes the ceiling sparkle and well looks fabulous. Great solution to the request of I want the hot pink room(;
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I Don’t Want The White House


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Somehow I deleted my last blog about the DH project but here it is again
This project has been a great before and after starting with the exterior and then the interior
I love painted brick houses with gas lanterns. I am not sure why but I do feel the need to paint the brick on every house I meet. It would be accurate to say I never met a brick I wouldn’t paint!
My latest client said fine but “I don’t want the White House!” I said fine lets get some color samples and try a few to decide our color. The voices in my head said this house will be white. Problem was my clients didn’t hear the same voices I heard … Happens all the time. we sampled various colors then they said we think white looks best. What a relief they listened to me and the house is looking amazing still to come .. New front porch, new front door, gas lanterns and some shutters
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I Don’t Want The White House.



Market finds make my husband crazy

I am starting to get items in from the July Atlanta market. My sweet husband goes a little nuts when boxes start rolling in a few weeks after market. He assumes I have gone on a shopping spree for our house and not my clients! Not sure why he thinks that (; regardless this is a man who only needs a bed and a chair to function and a tv so he doesn’t get too excited to see all my new finds. But whatever-Here are the barn frames I ordered. They are made out of barn wood but they also added burlap behind the glass frame portion it is so beautiful perfect for a kids room or anywhere really. They also come in black distressed so fabulous! I ordered two of the larger sizes but they have several varieties some smaller and some that have triple frames. If anyone wants to order let me know.


Mirror infatuation

I am so in love with starburst mirrors right now and not because I want to see myself !! They really are so interesting I have several at all different price points from home goods, wisteria, Tuesday morning and one I bought at the Atlanta Mart. I found this one today I am going to take to a clients house for over her fireplace. It has so much character and has a sculptural quality like a piece of art but at a great price point. I know it may seem trendy but then again maybe not as they look so good I don’t think I will tire of them